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globalCMS Feature List

  • Menu system
    • Easily add and change properties of an item
    • Ability to associate child items with parent items
    • Define menu items as:
      • Parent Tab
      • Child Tab
      • Parent Button (left or right)
      • Child Button (left or right)
      • Link (left or Right)
      • None (placeholder only)
  • WYSIWYG editor for content entry
  • Endless Calendar
    • Events are associated with groups
    • Ability to maintain events is limited to users you authorize
    • Events can be a hyper-link so expanded details of the event can be displayed
  • Image galleries
    • Easy upload via a .zip file
    • System generates a page that can be assigned to a menu item
    • System generates a link in a gallery list so gallery can be maintained
    • System generates a gallery tag that can be referenced on any page
  • File upload utility
    • Allows uploading of images or documents
    • System manages the repository for both images and documents
  • Publications
    • User defined publications
    • Subscribers can manage the publications they want to subscribe to
    • Publication text can be plain text or html
  • Contact information
    • List of Contacts
    • User maintainable information
  • Custom tags allow placing of dynamic information on any page
  • Dynamic form generator
    • Automatically generates input forms from any database table
    • Field attributes can be custom assigned through catalog
  • Dynamic report generator
    • Automatically generates reports for any SQL
    • Report column attributes can be easily changed by "dragging" the width
    • Filters can be placed on any column by clicking a check-box
    • Column alignment can be set for each column from a combo box
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