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globalCMS - Browser based content management system

globalCMS is a content management system like no other on the market today.

Like other content management systems, globalCMS allows you to manage the content of your web site easily and effectively. From creating new pages to manipulating site settings, globalCMS provides an easy interface to help you with the daily maintenance of your web site.

Not all content management systems are alike

Other content management systems require software to be loaded on your computer and cost thousands of dollars. globalCMS is browser based which means that, if your computer has a web browser, you can maintain your web site. And, since globalCMS uses your web browser to maintain your website, it costs only a fraction of other systems.

globalCMS is written in java and uses MySQL as the database engine. In simple english, that means that globalCMS is platform independent and is not tied down to any one operating system.

Where globalCMS differs from other content management systems is it provides a frame work to allow you to "wrap" globalCMS around your existing browser based application. Additionally, since globalCMS uses Real World Tools, creation of new applications is a snap.

Content Management Software

If you would like a demonstration of globalCMS please give us a call. We think that once you see globalCMS and use it, you'll agree that there is no other content management system like it on the market.
  • Menu System
  • WYSIWYG Content editor
  • Calendar
  • Image Galleries
  • File upload utility

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