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RWTools - Java Development Tool

Because we saw a need to rapidly develop applications on any platform, we developed a java development tool to accomplish just that.

RWTools creates a framework that allows you to go from concept to internet faster than any java development tool.

Real World Tools - Java Development Tools

  • RWConnMgr - Manages data connections. Built in connections include MySQL, Oracle, AS/400 DB2, and ODBC but RWConnMgr has the flexibility to connect to any database through JDBC.

  • RWHtmlTable - Manages HTML tables. Tables are an integral part of web page development. RWHtmlTable uses methods like startTable, startRow, addCell as well as others to build the HTML to make your web sites look great.

  • RWHtmlForm - Manages HTML forms. If you want to manipulate data via a web site, you will need to use a form. Like RWHtmlTable, RWHtmlForm generates the HTML you need to create the forms you need.

  • RWEmail - Sends email messages. Sending e-mail from web pages or web applications is made easy with RWEmail.

  • RWInputForm - This class combines RWHtmlTable and RWHtmlForm to generate great looking forms with just a single line of code. It uses a catalog to define the display type, label and datasource (for combo boxes and radio buttons). Using this methodology, you can easily change from a textbox to a combobox without changing code. Simply change the input type in the catalog and your form will change automatically.

  • RWFilteredList - Creates dynamic lists of data from your database with the ability to filter the list similar to auto filters in Excel. A single line of code will generate a list of information from your database and automatically place a link on a specified column, or columns, so you can open the data in maintenance mode with RWInputForm.

  • RWCalendar - Calendars can be an important part of your web application. Real World Tools make it easy to display and maintain calendars with the RWCalendar class.

    These are just a few classes contained in the RWTools package. These tools make it easy to develop and maintain web applications without an extensive knowlege of Java or HTML. Although they are written in Java, you do not need to know Java to unleash the power of these java develpopment tools.

    If you have any questions or would like a demonstration, please contact us.
  • real world tools or RWTools are java tools. java development tools are best used when building java web applications. RWTools is a java development tool to help with that. Java is the language the RWTools are written in. like other java develppment tools, the RWTools is a complete set of java classes to make up the java development tool. you can look for other java development tools but you will not find java tools to match the Real World Tools. The real world tools are java development tools to be used as java tools for java development with the rwtools
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