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C.A.R.E (Church and Resource Experience) is a full function membership management, giving and tracking system. Because CARE is browser-based, there's nothing to install on your computer.

Scalability is not a problem either, CARE is ready to grow with you from 10 members to 10,000. Also, since CARE is written in java, it doesn't matter what hardware you use. If you use Windows based hardware, a MAC or Linux or a mix of computer platforms CARE is ready to serve you faithfully.

CARE allows you to track families, individuals and their relationships. Enter important dates about families or individuals, keep track of giving by individual, giving unit or both. CARE also helps you keep track of classes, events or anything that the individual has participated in.

Small groups are a popular part of today's church and CARE is there to help you make the most of your small group ministries. Keep track of advisors, leaders and members to make the most of your small group ministry.

If you would like to hear more about CARE or would like a demonstration, please call us or go to
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